Markers are used by many professionals in the art industry: from illustrators and storyboard artists to fashion designers and architects. No matter what industry they are in, artists need high-quality, easy-to-use marks, and can flexibly cover all the ways they need to use them.

There are dozens of major brands on the market that provide markers for artists, so it is difficult to determine exactly which marker is best for you. As you shop around, please consider the following:

What to look for

❤️Cost-The cost of marker pens varies greatly, but if you are a professional, it is worth paying more for pens that are easy to use and create better art. If you are an amateur, then it may be worthwhile to spend less money, from the beginning, and then work harder.

❤️Ink shelf life-If you do not use the mark frequently enough to pass the ink quickly, make sure it can be used for several years before it dries. On the contrary, if you plan to use them in large quantities, consider a brand that offers refills to reduce costs.

❤️Tips-Is the tip durable, can it withstand heavy use, or is it more suitable for light work? Can you replace the nib, or if it wears out, do you need to replace the entire marker? This is especially important if your work style tends to be rough.

❤️Ink type-Alcohol-based ink is permanent, so it will not stain. However, they have a strong smell, so if you have poor ventilation, the water may be better. However, these inks are not permanent and therefore bleed.

❤️Durability-Some inks are designed to last a long time, and some inks are light fast, which means they will not be affected by ultraviolet rays. Remember, water-based ink is not permanent and will be destroyed by moisture.

Best markers for artists

1.Copic Ciao

Copic claims to produce the highest quality alcohol mark in the world, and their Ciao Advanced Artist mark is widely welcomed by supporting artists around the world: especially in the Japanese manga industry.

❤️Replaceable tip
❤️Non-toxic formula without strong smell
❤️180 colors to choose from

The ink dries quickly and does not contain acid, so it will not damage paper fibers like water-based inks. The color retention is very good, there is very little bleeding, and a clear finish can be achieved, but they are still very suitable for mixing.


The nib has high saturation and consistent ink flow. You can easily adjust the color depth by changing the pressure applied to the mark, allowing you to better control your work (this is a problem that Prismacolor users often find difficult to solve).

This set of Ciao marks is perfect for new artists or as a great starting point for building your collection. They are the brand's smallest mark and the most economical Copic series, and they are known for providing the same quality as the Sketch series, but at a lower price.

The double-ended marker has a medium-wide chisel tip and Copic’s unique super brush tip to provide beautiful brush effects. Copic's Ciao fountain pen is also compatible with the wide nib, giving you greater flexibility.

A replacement bottle can be filled up to 15 times, and you can replace the molded fiber nib, which means you never have to buy a new Copic pen. These pens are very suitable for infrequent use, because Copic guarantees a three-year shelf life and the color consistency is second to none.

Compared with other similar brands, Copic marker pens are expensive, and the nib will wear out over time, but because the pen can be refilled and the nib can be replaced, the cost will tend to balance over time.

One thing to note is that Copic marker pens do not use lightfast dyes, so depending on the color of the ink, the color fading can be very serious.

2. Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended

Prismacolor has been manufacturing Chisel/Fine double-ended art markers since 1984, and at that time proved to be at the forefront of the professional art supplies market.

Excellent pigment firmness provides flawless makeup
Lightfast dyes last longer than other brands
200 colors to choose from
Prismacolor has a large following, and their Chisel/Fine series is a solid foundation for any artist's mark series:

As you might have guessed from the range name, the double tip marker allows for fine and accurate line drawing as well as quick coverage and wide strokes.

Prismacolor 1773303 Premier...

Alcohol-based dye inks produce rich and smooth colors with significantly less graininess compared to Copic's colors. The saturation is very good, so you will get solid and consistent colors thanks to the single ink source of the marker. Non-toxic permanent ink is also light fast, so it is not easy to fade.

Using Prismacolor markers can be easily blended, although they will not appear streaks, they will definitely bleed, so make sure you have something under your paper.

There are 6 to 200 sets of marker pens, so you can find a pack to meet your specific needs, and these pens are cheaper than Copic's. However, you cannot refill these marks or replace the pen nib, so you will need to replace them at some point. If you want to add to your collection, their brush markers are perfect for getting more painting effects, and the illustration markers allow you to control fine lines well.

If you prefer water-based inks, Prismacolor also has a Scholar series, which may be more attractive if you are just starting out as an artist.

3. ArtBeek Dual Tip Markers

ArtBeek is known as Copic's more affordable competitor. If you like alcohol-based inks, their double-tip pens are a good choice.

❤️Durable nylon head
❤️120 colors to choose from

The most common way to buy these markers is a set of eighty colors, so if you think alcohol-based ink is right for you, you can start small and build your collection.

They are also cheaper than our other two options, so if you are just starting out, then they are the perfect first step without having to spend a lot of money.

This is a canvas bag with 80 marks in total. Yes, we mentioned that the kit only contains 80 colors, that's right. Only a colorless stirrer can be used to remove streaks and obtain better mixing between layers.

These marks appear as double tip. It will include a wide 7 mm chisel tip and a thin 0.7 mm tip. I think the nib will give the artist a lot of control, but it will not provide as many functions as the brush nib. The body shape on these markers is similar to the body shape of Copic Sketch, a bit like a rounded rectangle. Again, I think it will be more laborious to maintain these shapes for a longer period of time.

Once you use these, the first thing you will notice is that each marker has a code on the lid, similar to what Copic would do, which I like. It helps to organize these marks together. These markers will slide smoothly on the paper, but I noticed that it is easy to saturate the surface you are drawing, which may result in darker shadows than you expected.


Whether you have been engaged in artistic creation for a long time and want to add to your marker pen collection, or are just starting out and want to buy your first pen, you need to find a pen that suits you.

Once you have chosen the brands you like, start with a small collection to make sure they match your artistic style, and then you can build your collection from there. You may also want to mix and match the collections of our three major brands for a more customized solution: no obligation to maintain brand loyalty!

What is your favorite visual art mark? Let us know in the comments.

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