Painting Essentials:

1. Carefully observe the characteristics of the rose, the petals of the rose are many, and the layers are gathered inward. In order to make the layers of the petals clearer, it is necessary to draw carefully when drawing the manuscript.

2. The orientation of the two roses in the picture is slightly different. The rose on the left has more exposed petals, and the emphasis is on depicting layers of petals; the rose on the right focuses on depicting the shape of the flower.


Supplies you need:

->ArtBeek 120 Brush Markers


Step 1

Use a mechanical pencil to form the shape, and you can start with the stamens when drawing the petals, so that you can control the flower shape more freely, and the idea of ​​writing will be clearer.

Drawing Ideas | How to Draw a Rose in 9 Steps

Step 2

First, use flesh pink to tile the background color of the petals behind, and then use a darker flesh pink to outline the edges of the petals. Finally, switch back to a lighter flesh pink to deepen the darker parts of the petal surface. Through the layer-by-layer painting, the feeling of the petals folded inward is shown.

Drawing Ideas | How to Draw a Rose in 9 Steps

Step 3

Draw the rose on the right. Only a small part of the inner side of the petals on both sides is exposed. This part will form a shadow on the edge due to the occlusion relationship. Instead, use a highlight pen to brighten the highlights on the outside of the petals. Here, dots and lines are used to express the highlights, and the arc is drawn with the flower shape. The combination of dots and lines enhances the transparency of the picture.

Drawing Ideas | How to Draw a Rose in 9 Steps

Step 4

Paint the leaves, calyx and stem with green, outline the outline first, and then fill in the color. This method can make the edge color darker in the process of superposition, forming a natural shade change. Tips The stems of roses are thick and not smooth, with thorns and indurations. Especially when expressing the end of the flower stem, you can properly pause the brush to make the colors accumulate and form a round and blunt stroke to express the cross section of the flower stem.

Drawing Ideas | How to Draw a Rose in 9 Steps

Step 5

To deepen the dark tone of the leaves, the leaves are relatively flat, so there is little difference between light and dark tones.

Drawing Ideas | How to Draw a Rose in 9 Steps

Step 6

Use darker green colored pencils to draw inwards from the end of the calyx, showing a gradient effect from dark to light. Then properly outline the outline of the leaves and the veins to make the shape of the leaves more three-dimensional. When outlining the veins of the leaves, the strokes should change in severity, so that the lines are natural and smooth, with the effect of being broken or connected.

Drawing Ideas | How to Draw a Rose in 9 Steps

Step 7

First, use a highlighter to draw highlights on the leaves, and then use a darker red color lead to deepen the dark part of the petals that are folded inward. The color lead can draw details in a very small area.

Drawing Ideas | How to Draw a Rose in 9 Steps

Step 8

Draw a five-pointed star pattern to enrich the picture. The edges of the petals and leaves in the picture are curved, only the calyx is slightly angular. The addition of the five-pointed star breaks the overly soft painting style and makes the picture appear fuller. Tips When choosing to add accessories to the picture, you can start with the shape, so that the proportion of the curve and the straight line in the picture is more harmonious. At the same time, graphics can also be used to summarize a surface in the process of drawing, which can be understood as showing light and shadow effects by simplifying the light and dark surfaces without obvious boundaries into graphics.

Drawing Ideas | How to Draw a Rose in 9 Steps

Step 9

Using red lead, draw the pattern of the background five-pointed star and outline the right side profile to properly enhance the three-dimensional effect. The red details in the five-pointed star are similar to the hue of the rose, forming an echo in color. After adjusting the details, the romantic pink rose is finished.

Drawing Ideas | How to Draw a Rose in 9 Steps