COVID-19 has been ravaging the world for nearly 3 years, and there is still no particularly effective treatment drug. Tens of thousands of people are still infected every day, and countless people die because of incurable. However, human beings have not been hit by the virus, but have become more united and stronger.

Today we received a work from the artist Alice. It is a cartoon created with ArtBeek markers. The picture truly records the scenes of her and her friends as volunteers. In order to help the people in the severely affected areas, she once Worked as a volunteer in the epidemic area for 3 months.

Easy Drawing on Women Fighting Against COVID-19 | Women's day Drawing
During these three months, they cut their long hair and sacrificed time with their families. They wore thick anti-epidemic clothes every day, worked more than 14 hours a day, and ran around everyone in need.

I sincerely hope that the epidemic will end soon, and that every woman can take off their heavy epidemic prevention clothes to reveal their charming long hair and beautiful faces.